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Welcome to Riverside Primary School

‘Where everyone matters and every day counts’

We very much hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and finding out more about our school. This website aims to give you a ‘taster’ of the school, as well as providing regularly updated information for both parents and pupils.

Riverside Primary School, situated 500m from the River Crouch, opened in September 2010 when the Infant and Junior schools amalgamated. We are very proud to be an integral part of the village of Hullbridge, building and enjoying strong links with other schools, local businesses and members of our local community.

At Riverside Primary School, we believe that every child should learn the skills for lifelong learning and be supported to develop as good citizens who contribute fully to their community. We aim to create a happy school where the learning atmosphere is exciting and conducive to high attainment.
Staff, governors and children work together to harness each other’s strengths and expertise so that children are offered the best possible education.

We warmly welcome all visitors, so you can see for yourself how we learn together at Riverside Primary School. Please contact the school direct with any queries you may have or to arrange a time to visit. We will be delighted to share our school with you.

Claire Smith


‘A harmonious learning environment where each individual is nurtured and valued. Pupils are proud of their achievements and want to do well.’

Ofsted June 2018

School History

Hullbridge Primary
Riverside Infant
Riverside Junior
Riverside Primary

The original Hullbridge Primary School opened in 1902 and closed in 19712. The school was separated into infants and juniors and was renamed Riverside County Infant and Junior Schools.

List of Headteachers

  • Mr C Snelgar 1902
  • Mrs E Snelgar 1902 (Acting Head)
  • Mr H Blackeby 1902-1907
  • Mr T Best 1907-1911
  • Mr W Staines 1911-1934
  • Miss Fassom 1934-1940
  • Mrs L Smith 1940-1946
  • Mr O Welbourne 1946
  • Mr F Emeney 1946-1949
  • Mrs L Smith 1950-1962
  • Mr D Hardy 1962-1972

Riverside County Infant School opened in 1971 and closed in 2010. Motto ‘Learning for life’.

Riverside Infant School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

List of Headteachers

  • Mr D Hardy 1971-1981
  • Mrs L White 1981-2001
  • Mrs L Reck 2001-2008
  • Miss M Jenkins 2008-2010 (Acting Head)


Riverside County Junior School opened in 1972 and closed in 2010. Motto “Success for All”.

Riverside Junior School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

List of Headteachers

  • Mr D Hardy 1972-1981
  • Mr D Leist 1981-2002
  • Miss M Jenkins 2002-2010

Riverside Primary School Hullbridge SS5 6ND

Riverside Primary School opened in September 2010, after the amalgamation of the Infants and Juniors. Motto – ‘Where everyone matters and every day counts’.

List of Headteachers

  • Miss M Jenkins 2010-2013
  • Mr A Douglas 2013-2019
  • Mrs C Smith 2019-

School Timeline

Hullbridge County Primary School Opened
Riverside County Infant School Opened
Hullbridge Primary School Closed
The school was separated into infants and juniors.
Riverside County Junior School Opened
April 1992
Riverside Infants celebrate 90th anniversary
Aug 2010
Riverside County Infant & Junior Schools Closed
The schools amalgamated to Riverside Primary.
Sept 2010
Riverside Primary School Opened
July 2022
Riverside celebrate 120th anniversary

School Dinners

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Wraparound Care

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